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The “Parent Teacher Association” (PTA) leads the way in caring for every child’s education and well-being with one single powerful voice at the local, state and national levels. PTA is dedicated to providing you the information that you need to share your voice to lawmakers and educators. You do not have to be a PTA member to take action. Your child’s greatest advocate is YOU.

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Additional Opportunities to be Your Child’s Advocate
* The Children’s Campaign – Connecting people and policy to achieve progress for Florida’s children.* Save Duval County Schools – Florida legislators let us know that were definitely hearing from
* Save Duval Schools” thanks to parents like you. Spread the word. Sign-up for Alerts

* 50th No More – Helping Florida’s children get the education they deserve. Sign-up for Alerts

Change First 5 Years and Change Everything

DCPS Educational Successes Over
the Last 10 YearsFCAT Performance Gains
* Reading as high as 46%
* Math as high as 71%
* Science as high as 38%
* Writing as high as 16%School “Grades” Gains
* 63 More “A” Schools
* 22 More “B” Schools

Graduation Rate Gains
* Up 3.2% from 2007-2008
* Up 7.1% from 2005-2006

District Grade: B