Health & Safety Tips

The PTA is dedicated to helping families build healthy and safe communities. We provide links to tools and information that help you begin discussion with your children about health and safety.

DCPS SummerFood Service Program

Click here for details. The program was created to ensure children in lower-income areas could continue to receive nutritious meals during long school vacations.

Affordable Health Insurance for Children Under Age 19

Click here for details.

Enrollment is open all year.

Child Safety Tips

Click here for information on internet safety, school violence, physical safety, substance abuse, media safety, bullying, etc.

Chat With Kids About Being On-line

Click here for practical tips and information to use when talking to your child about being on-line, using social networks and texting.

Click here for videos and tips from OnGuard OnLine.

Have You Talked to Your Child about Bullying?

Click here for more information on a kid friendly approach to defining what is bullying, example videos and learning what you can do about it.

Kids Fire Safety Tips

(by National Fire Protection Association)
Click here to view the interactive fire safety web site.
Click here for video lessons on fire safety.

Family Emergency Planning

Click here to view videos on being prepared for thunderstorms, hurricanes and wildfires.

Kids have interactive games that help them learn how to react in these situations.